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EVERY CHILD has to learn the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Times Tables!

  • Huge numbers of children struggle to learn the Times Tables well
  • Most children find rote learning slow and boring
  • Many children can get the answers right, but take a long time
  • Many parents are looking for better ways to learn the Times Tables, but cannot find a solution

Times Tables are a very important stage in children's Maths education -

  • Children can lose confidence in Maths by getting the answers wrong
  • They can also gain great confidence by getting the answers right

Research shows us that -

"One of the areas most commonly found to create difficulties is memory for arithmetical facts"     Research Paper: What Works for Children with Mathematical Difficulties?,2004 & 2010

Times Tables need to be memorised, so memory is a key area for developing confidence in Maths.

Here at the Kids Maths Tutor, we have drawn on the best research in this area. The experts in this area are the Memory Champions because they have demonstrated outstanding feats of memory. They always state the fact that these methods are simple and can be used by anyone.

So What Do the Memory Champions Do Differently?

If the memory champions tried to memorise in the way that children learn the Times Tables, there would be no amazing memory records. Our brains are not designed to remember in this way.

They all learn by linking images to locations. This is the basis of all successful memory systems.

“I think what you guys are doing is awesome.

So cool! Keep it going!”

Nelson Dellis, USA Memory Champion 2011-12

Memorized 303 numbers in 5 minutes, setting a new USA record

Raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s

We have taken these memory techniques and adapted these in practical ways to help children learn the Times Tables for instant recall.

How does this work?

If children are continually struggling to work out the answers, taking lots of effort and time, it decreases confidence. The key to confidence is to know the answers instantly, without having to think about them.

If children can learn the times tables in a different way, in a way that is far more attuned to how their brain works, they can achieve superb results.

When the memory champion, Dominic O’Brien memorized 360 random numbers in only 5 minutes! He did this by linking visual images to locations/set places. The memory champions have always maintained that these techniques can be learnt by anyone This is true because the techniques are so simple and straightforward to learn.

The Instant Recall Method is a memory system specifically designed for children to learn times tables and maths. It really is very easy and simple to use.


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We want to make this available to as many children, parents and schools as possible. To achieve this end, we have taken a non-profit, charitable route to work with schools and develop an easily accessible online resource children, parents and teachers.

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