The Best Place To Learn

When I was teaching I often asked the question, ‘Who wants to write on the board?’. Every hand would shoot up immediately. Children love writing on the board. They even enjoy writing on the small boards you will find in schools.

You, as a parent, can use this to help your children. One of the simplest and most practical things you can do for your child is give them a good learning environment – a great place to learn.

Put up a whiteboard, preferably the larger the better, although even a small one can really be beneficial.

If you are unable to put one up on the wall a whiteboard on an easel is superb. I always taught with one of these because you could also use large sheets of paper which you could keep and put up on the wall as a poster. These are great memory aids. In fact, they are brilliant for visual learning.

What is visual learning? Very simply, what you see you remember. If it is large and colourful it is even easier to remember.

Children love using boards because they love to learn on the move. A child would much rather be moving around than sitting. Writing on a board gives them freedom and enjoyment. Visual learning is only one aspect of learning. Not only do we learn by ‘seeing’, we also learn by ‘doing ‘and ‘speaking’.

When your children are writing or putting key words and images on a board they are ‘doing’ which enhances the learning. The board also gives the opportunity to talk about what they are learning.

‘Speaking ’ is a great way to learn. When your child is standing at a board it is a great time to talk about the learning through questions and answers.

There are tremendous benefits from putting a board on the wall.

  • It is much easier to motivate your child to learn.
  • Your child can practise planning stories.
  • Writing parts of stories.
  • Practise sums.
  • A memory aid.

I strongly recommend putting up a board on the wall in order for you to give your child a great place to learn.

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