• Background
  • Background

    KidsMathsTutor.com a system and method for your children to learn their multiplication times tables. This system works and is really easy and;

    • Makes learning tables quick, simple, easy and fun!
    • Results in 100% Instant recall of times tables for your children!
    • Boosts learning and improves performance in maths!

    How it came about

    Tony Lazar has more than 20 years experience of teaching and tutoring school children and studying the best learning methods available. After looking at the way multiplication tables were taught and the various products for teaching tables, Tony saw that using current methods did not aid children in learning and remembering the Times Tables.  He sought a better way for children to learn and remember the times tables and found it.

    Tony then develped the ideas  to result in the 100% Instant Recall Method. A method that combines the techniques of the World Memory Champions and the ideas and practical application of the method.

    Tony Lazar

    Tony is a teacher and has taught Latin, Maths and English to children between 5-13. He is the author of “Over the Bridge”, a book about the journey to learning and improvement and “The Learning Well”, a story of learning. Tony's work highlights that there are several factors which affect the way and the rate children learn and these in turn impact how anyone is able to communicate and speak. The processes developed by Tony result in greatly enhanced learning and communication skills.

    Mandip Singh Sohal

    Mandip Sohal is the creator of all the technical aspects and internet marketing of the Learning Well and the Multiplication Times Tables Tutor. He is an internet expert who has realised that the internet and multimedia learning will be a huge part of education in the twenty first century.

    Mandip is a maths graduate and qualified accountant who has always worked with numbers, giving him insight into how critical numbers are in everyday life and how they affect and shape our world. Mandip knows that the ability to deal with number is an essential life skill and if mastered can lead to great success.

    He is interested in making numbers easy to understand and work with and so the best place to start is at a young age.

    Mandip is a devoted family man with three children, two still at primary school age. He is greatly involved with his children’s education, giving them encouragement, guidance and every opportunity to fulfil their potential.

    Mandip has a passion for entrepreneurship, especially developing children’s entrepreneurship. Today’s children are the Warren Buffets and Bill Gates of the future if they master business skills. (Look out for new pages on the site dealing with this area.)

    At the heart of entrepreneurship is finance and numbers but also communication is extremely important. He has a particular interest in how literacy can improve written and especially spoken communication. (He joined a speaking club to develop his own speaking skills and overcome his own fears and as he is always willing to volunteer his time,he did so much to help he became affectionately known as ‘Supermandip’.)

    Mandip is a Sikh and his faith is very important to him. He is the UK chairman of the interfaith charity URI-UK. He very much believes in charitable work.

    Mandip passionately believes in education and the potential of the internet and multimedia to help, motivate and inspire children and parents.