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Number Bonds

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The number bonds are as important as the times tables.

However, we do not learn the number bonds in the same way as we learn the times tables.


Imagine if the times tables were called the ‘multiplications bonds’. Would parents and children be spending as much time learning them as they do now?

It is not easy to say ‘multiplication bonds’. It is an obstacle to learning.

The number bonds are really important. They need a better name.

We call them: The Adding Tables

It is easy to say. Call them by this name and take away an obstacle to learning.

New Words --> New Name --> Better Learning

Your child also needs an Instant Answers Method so that they know the answers to the number bonds without having to calculate them.

Everybody learns their times tables and is expected to know them reasonably well, but when it comes to the number bonds the same expectation is not there. Therefore most children cannot instantly tell you the answers to the most simple sums and this makes learning more advanced maths more difficult.

So, though children have to use basic numbers to add they do not know the answers to their number bonds and instead have to calculate the answers.

The number bonds are the building blocks of mathematics and when learned will totally transform children's ability in maths.

Let us give you an example of what we mean.

If you ask the question "What is 6 + 9?" very often a child will not instantly know the answer.

A child working out 6 + 9 will therefore often go through the procedure of adding 1 to 9 to get 10, and then add 5 to 10 to eventually get to the answer of 15.

The child works out the right answer, but it takes a lot of effort, is very slow and this slow speed does not get any quicker with time because the next time the child needs to find the answer they have to make the same calculation.

What your child needs is to learn the sums so that they know the answers instantly.

Your child needs an Instant Answers Method so that they know the answers without having to calculate them.

 “We very much look forward to helping you and your children.”