Best Nutrition For Children

As a parent you are in such a powerful position with regard to your children’s health.

Give your children good nutrition and you will give them the gift of good health and eating habits for life.

There is a lot of information on healthy eating habits, which promote good health. The advice is readily available. We know what fools to avoid. ‘You are what you eat’ is a saying that is well known to us. However, there is another message which is equally important and one which is often overlooked and not mentioned.

It also can bring instant benefits which you can see and measure. (very often it can take a long time for health problems to appear from poor dieting habits).

So what is this message? It is ‘you think what you eat’. What you eat affects your mood and your concentration. This is incredibly important for your child who has to concentrate on learning every day. Good nutrition can make this so much easier and more enjoyable for your child. It is also instant. You will see the results very quickly.

An example we are all familiar with on occasions. Have you witnessed a child after drinking a lot of soft drink and eating packets of sweets. All that increase in sugar leads to a surge in energy often excessive – followed by a slump.

Foods and supplements of which fuel the mind lead to relaxation and improved concentration. It is incredibly important to keep blood sugar levels balanced.

When you eat too much sugar and sweet foods it raises your blood sugar level and you get a boost in energy. However, later there is a drop.

Great numbers of children are diagnosed with concentration and behavioural problems such as attention deficit disorder order or hyperactivity.

Many factors linked to diet can create and contribute to these problems. Too much sugar and refined foods in the diet lack of omega 3. Lacking the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Increasingly there is awareness and research available for parents showing studies of success with supplementation. Behavioural problems have been greatly in many children influenced by supplementing.

The important thing is that with attention to diet and the right supplementation your children’s concentration can be improved giving your children a better chance of fulfilling their potential.


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