Overview of the System

The whole Times Tables 100% Instant Recall system revolves around Memory Sheets that are put in locations around the home. Seeing the Memory Sheets around the home makes it really easy for your children to remember the tables.

First of all, you need to print them out or to copy the Memory Sheets. Then you need to display them in different places around your home or if you are a teacher, the classroom. We suggest that you display them using blue tack so that you do not damage anything and also so that they are easy to take down and to move.

The last part of the system is Testing to check and reinforce what children have learned.

Why do you Display the Memory Sheets around your Home?

When your children see the Memory sheets around the home they will link the times tables with images on the Memory Sheets which are then linked with the locations where you have put the Memory sheets.

This 3 part combination of the Times Tables Memory Sheets, images on the sheets & the locations around the home makes it really easy for your children's brain to ‘photograph’ and remember the tables. This is the same technique that the World Memory Champions use to remember hundreds of numbers INSTANTLY. We have added a 4th element to allow you to check and reinforce what they have learned.

1) Numbers on Sheets   +   2) Images   +   3) Locations   +   4) Testing


You can make the Memory Sheets even more memorable by getting your children to put them in the different locations. Get your children running around the home putting up the Memory Sheets.

Get your children to colour in the Memory Sheets as this will make them even more memorable for them which means that the tables will be even easier to remember.

The Method is really easy and results in the Times Tables being remembered with INSTANT RECALL. There is no boring rote learning involved!

To get started learning the Times Tables, you will need the following items:


A Printer


Printer paper


Sticky tape or Blue Tack

You can print in black or white, but colour is much better.

timestablecoloursIf you do not have a printer, then you will need colours - felt-tip pens or colouring pencils - so you can copy the Times Tables from the computer screen.

timestablepenHowever, even if you have a printer, we recommend using colouring pencils to decorate your sheets and to personalise them. This will make it fun.

Make it fun then you've won!

Now go to the System to see what to do next.