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"The whole Times Tables Instant Recall system revolves around Memory Sheets that are put in locations around the home. Seeing the Memory Sheets around the home makes it really easy for your children to remember the tables" - Tony Lazar

First of all, you need to print them out or to copy the Memory Sheets. Then you need to display them in different places around your home or if you are a teacher the classroom. We suggest that you display them using blue tack so that you do not damage anything and also so that they are easy to take down and to move.

Why do we display them?

We do this so that they are easily visible and so that each set of numbers stand out, making them more memorable in their locations.

So where to display them?

Doors, windows, cupboards. All easily attached using blue tack on all of these places your children see everyday.

Your children will see the sheets regularly, and in some places all the time.

This gives a location for the Tables. Having a location makes remembering much easier.

For instance, if you attach your 3 x 4 on the fridge, not only can you ask the question ‘What is 3 x 4 you can also say ‘What is on the fridge'.

So it gives you a place to refer to when you  ask a tables question and somewhere to link the answer to, which is very important for memory.

When you look at a photograph, you remember what is in the photograph. When you look at the pictures of these tables, it is as if you are photographing them - that is why they are so easy to remember.

In order to make them stand out more, we use colour. We have also added animals, birds and pictures to the numbers. These numbers are therefore memorable.

If you look at a child's face when they see them for the first time, you see that it brings a smile to their face. It's fun.

"The numbers and answers are now becoming more memorable!"

Also, you can ask ‘Where is the picture' eg ‘Where is the swan' (2 x something). You can link the swan to a place, at the same time as remembering the tables.

Our minds are like cameras. We photograph things all the time and remember them. We can remember things we have seen, particularly if the image is linked to a location.In effect, when your children are walking around the house, they are photographing the numbers into their minds.

We call this ‘learning without learning' because you don't even have to learn the tables, your children will see them, photograph them in their minds and they then go into the memory. That is how it works.

In fact, it is more difficult to forget the tables than it is to learn them, and that is the beauty of it.

So your children will find themselves learning without learning.


Some tables are perceived as more difficult by your children, although in this system all the tables are easy.

But if you think about which ones might appear more difficult, you could say 8 x 9 and 9 x 8, for example, what can you do to make these easier to remember for your children?

You can put the more difficult ones in a more memorable place.

I often say stick them on the toilet door - stick them on the inside of the toilet door.

First of all this is a great memory aid, and you will often find that the child will laugh or smile at this making it even more memorable.

So your children will think of the difficult tables and enjoy learning and remembering them.

How long do you need to display them?

Very often your child will learn them quickly, but keep them up for a few days. Because this learning is to go into the long-term memory, you can leave then up for longer.

If your child is learning them in the holidays, leave them up for a couple of weeks. Even when you have taken them down, keep them because it is good to put them up again for a short time to revise and reinforce the original learning.

These Memory Meets are the key to learning the Times Tables with Instant Recall.

The Memory Sheets work by linking the times tables to an image which is linked to a location. The combination of the tables, the images and the location results in the tables being photographed in your children's minds. The tables are then easily remembered.

Your children will have Instant  Learning of the Times Tables.