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We have a Times Tables testing procedure.

All it requires is for the parent to ask some questions, and to ask them little and often.

The questions may be;

What is 3 x 4?

or maybe - Where is the location of the yacht?  The four is shaped like a yacht.

When do you start testing?

Start straight away, on the same day as putting the tables Memory Sheets up around the house.

Continue little and often until the table has been learned.

During the testing process, if your child does not know the answer, just ask them to go back and look at the displayed Memory Sheet tables around the home. This will reinforce the answers.

It is as simple as that, and it takes away the unpleasant feelings when a child does not know the correct answer.

After a few days of asking questions reinforce the answers  by getting your child to take the Online Tests on the Website which you can find in each of the tables lessons.

Alan McMahon will ask the questions and your children will give the answers.

All your child has to do is to say the answer before Alan does in the Test. If your child needs more time, go back to asking questions before trying the Online Tests again.

Your child's confidence and abilities will grow as the right answers are then continually achieved.

Enjoy learning the times tables, have fun and let us know how well your children are learning.

Remember, make it fun and then you've won!

TIP - Why does it all work?

"When your children see the Memory sheets around the home they will link the times tables with images which are then linked with the locations where you have put the Memory sheets. This 3 part combination makes it really easy for the brain to 'photograph' and remember the tables. It's the same technique that the World Memory Champions use.

You can make the Memory Sheets even more memorable by getting your children to be the ones to put them in the different locations. Get your children running around the home putting up the Memory Sheets."