A Grandparent’s View For Whiteboards

Every holiday our grandchildren visited and stayed. We wanted to help them with their education so we would always have plenty of books in the house.

I was studying at home and bought a whiteboard which I put up on the wall in the spare bedroom. The intention was to use the board to help plan my essays.

Our grandchildren were 3 and 6 years old at this time. The next holiday they visited they discovered the board.

They absolutely loved writing on the board. During that holiday the 6 year old wrote stories and kept a diary. She loved playing schools and teaching an imaginary class and also us (the grandparents).

The thing I found was using the whiteboard wasn’t a five minute wonder. Every holiday for the next few years the board was constantly used. The younger one, after her initial ‘doodles’ on the board, copied her older sister and enjoyed using the board just as much.

They used the board far more than me. I know that it has greatly helped them and provided them with countless hours of time very well spent.



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