Importance Of Good Posture For Children

Good Posture is Very Important for Children’s Health and Learning

This is incredibly important but overlooked.

More and more children are suffering back problems.

A study of 154 10 year olds discovered 9% already had problems with one of their discs in their backs.

‘It used to be that we would never see patients until their twenties at the very earliest but now we are seeing seven year olds with back problems. At the moment we are seeing an entire generation of back pain sufferers coming through’. Robin Saunders – Osteopath.

What are the Causes?

Many children spend a lot of time on computers. One of the problems is that they also sit with poor posture.

Other causes include:

  • Slouching on sofas which are too big while watching TV.
  • Working on the computer with chairs and tables set at the wrong height.
  • Sitting with a laptop on the lap with poor posture.
  • Children hunch forward and as they lean forward to look at the screen the head goes forward. This creates poor posture.
  • Watching tv in bed lying down for long periods of time.
  • Carrying heavy school bags in one hand instead of using rucksacks to spread the weight evenly.

If you look at children’s posture you will see that it deteriorates as they get older. They start off with great posture but the habits they develop are the cause of poor posture which can then lead to back problems later.

There is so much you can do as a parent to help your child develop good habits and maintain a healthy back for life.

First of all, ergonomic chairs

Second, Ergonomic furniture

Third - Good back support



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