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Our Aims

Our Aims

pic3To raise maths standards for children (and their parents) -

Confidence and Maths Anxiety

  • To give children real confidence with basic number work and maths
  • To overcome maths anxiety and maths discomfort in children and their parents
  • To change parents' attitudes towards maths so that they can positively influence their children

Problems with Maths and Concentration

  • To provide help and better ways of learning for children
    • who are failing in maths
    • who have concentration problems


  • To provide a homework resource for parents of children aged 5 - 11, so that parents have access to the latest explanations of all maths covered between these ages

Mental Maths

  • To give mental maths confidence to children and their parents for life

Benefits of Memory

  • To promote the benefits of using memory techniques for learning number work
  • To show that using memory is a creative and an enjoyable process

Benefits of Practical Maths

  • To promote the practical importance of maths eg, balancing family budgets, decorating your home, cooking etc
  • To promote maths as the wonderful, practical subject that it is

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The aim of the Kids Maths Tutor is "to advance the education of children in the subject of Maths through visual, memory, whole brain and confidence activities" through online based resources that can be accessed by parents and schools for children.