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    Maths worries parents than any other subject, especially maths homework.

    Millions of parents dread being asked to help with Maths homework.

    Very often parents are not sure how to help with homework.

    Even parents, who are good at maths struggle because maths is taught differently from when they were at school. They are unable to show their children how to use the latest methods.

    Maths homework becomes a time of -

    • frustration
    • being unable to work out the answers
    • uncertainty
    • and pain

    All the above can cause a lack of confidence in maths for children.

    We have developed a unique course for learning the Times Tables.

    We have also developed a mental maths course for children and parents.

    In order to remedy this homework problem we are in the process of developing a homework resource for parents of children aged 7 – 11, so that parents have access to the latest explanations of all maths covered between these ages.

    You can try the first part of the Kids Maths Tutor maths course free - just register below for your free access.
    You will be astounded at the results! 


    The aim of the Kids Maths Tutor is "to advance the education of children in the subject of Maths through visual, memory, whole brain and confidence activities" through online based resources that can be accessed by parents and schools for children.