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    Memory Feats

    Memory and Memory Feats

    Here is an example -

    If you are asked to remember 100 numbers within a short time, would you be able to do this?

    Almost everybody, without the use of memory techniques would not be able to memorise these numbers.

    However if someone showed you a simple memory technique, it becomes an easy task.

    8 time world memory champion Dominic O’Brien memorised 360 random numbers in only 5 minutes.

    Nelson Dellis, USA memory champion 2011-12, memorised 303 numbers in 5 minutes, setting a new USA record.

    The memory champions insist that these memory techniques are simple enough to be learnt by anyone.

    Memory techniques allow ordinary people to perform amazing memory feats.

    At school, children are asked to remember well over 100 arithmetic facts when learning their times tables and number bonds.

    This forms the basis or foundation of their Maths.

    If they do this well, they can excel in Maths - otherwise, as the research shows, they can struggle.

    However, children are not taught using the best memory techniques and often rely instead on rote learning to learn their times tables. They often do not learn their number bonds.

    We believe that children should be shown the best ways to learn so they can achieve their full maths potential.

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    The aim of the Kids Maths Tutor is "to advance the education of children in the subject of Maths through visual, memory, whole brain and confidence activities" through online based resources that can be accessed by parents and schools for children.