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Maths Problems

Maths Problems

The Kids Maths Tutor has identified the following problems in maths -

  • Maths Anxiety - Maths anxiety is a broad term - “A feeling of tension, apprehension, or fear that interferes with math performance” Mark H. Ashcraft, Ph.D.  - click here
  • Research Papers - Extracts from: “What Works For Children with Mathematical Difficulties?” Research Papers - click here.
  • Homework - Maths worries parents more than any other subject, especially maths homework. Millions of parents dread being asked to help with Maths homework. Click Here.
  • Rote Learning - Rote Learning is slow, very hard work and produces poor results. Click Here.
  • Causes of Maths discomfort - click here

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The aim of the Kids Maths Tutor is "to advance the education of children in the subject of Maths through visual, memory, whole brain and confidence activities" through online based resources that can be accessed by parents and schools for children.