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Maths Problems

Importance of Memory

Why important

  • children have to remember vast amounts of information, facts and data through out their education
  • children who can naturally retain/absorb this information in the way it has been presented to them at school gain better results and are more confident about learning.
  • However there are more children not reaching the required standards or fulfilling their own potential
  • they need help to perform better
  • school education is not just about remembering facts and memory, it is also about being creative, being able to understand, develop thinking skills, learn through investigation and problem solving, working in groups etc.
  • However remembering things, especially in maths is such an important for children's confidence.
  • also important for giving structure to build further learning on.
  • however, maths on the other hand is build on remembering basic facts and numberwork.

Why is memory not taught better in schools to help children remember and perform better?

The reasons for this are -

  • rote learning has always been an accepted way of remembering information
  • children spend alot of time taking in new information, so they become good at remembering, although they are achieving far less potential in this area.
  • memory techniques not tailored for individual learning specific subjects at school
  • memory techniques often linked with great memory feats, which bear no relavence to schools
  • schools dont teach memory and do what they have done in the past
  • schools are in the business of teaching subjects and not memory
  • if teachers dont use memory techniques, they will not pass them onto their students
  • teachers have not been shown how to apply these in a practical way
  • money has not been put into funding the imparting of this knowledge

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