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    Maths Course
    Maths Course

    Brilliant Maths Resources for Maths Confidence (5 - 11 year olds).


    The Kids Maths Tutor course focuses on the following areas -

    • Learning the Times Tables and Number Bonds for instant recall - Important!
    • A thorough understanding of Place Value (Hundreds, Tens & Units - the bigger numbers and decimals which cause problems) and partitioning explained
    • Addition - the different methods used at school (number lines, column addition and partitioning)
    • Subtraction - the different methods used at school (number lines, column addition and partitioning)
    • Multiplication - the different methods used at school - the grid method, long multiplication (using the grid method for long multiplication)
    • Division - the different methods used at school - division by chunking (soon to be added)
    • Seeing patterns behind numbers and maths - using these patterns to work out bigger numbers quickly (your child can feel like a genius)

    The Times Tables are free. Please try them out. You will be astounded at the results!
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    What you will receive from The Learning Tutor -

    • Video explanations
    • Online Lessons
    • Simple, easy to use online testing
    • Step by step explanations, worksheets, online tests and pdfs covering the Mental Maths syllabus from years 1 to 6
    • A unique Maths Memory Method for learning the Times Tables and Number Bonds
    • Printable memory sheets for Tables Tables and Number Bonds
    • A continually expanding Maths course
    • Free email support

    We are also in the process of improving and developing these resources into a full 6 year maths course for children aged 5-11.
    • Mental Maths is the KEY to Maths Confidence
    • If your child learns important mental maths skills, every maths lesson in school will be enjoyable and will be an opportunity to build maths confidence
    • Give your children Maths confidence for life
    • Give your children the opportunity to learn in a way that is fun and inspirational

    We are a registered charity and are offering these resources at a nominal cost which enables us to maintain the site and keep developing these resources further.

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    If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please do use the Contact Us form.

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