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There are huge numbers of people with a dislike of and fear of maths. Then there are also those with a discomfort when doing number work.

In fact, it is so common that it is accepted to admit ‘I am no good with numbers’, ‘I don’t like maths’, ‘I have never been able to remember my tables’.

Are you one of those people? Do you want your children to feel the same way struggling for years with a subject they must pass?

Break the pattern now. Maybe you don’t feel as strongly about maths as the examples given. But do you really like maths or even love it?

Do you find number work easy? Would you like your children to find maths easy and fun at the beginning of their education so they can enjoy this fascinating subject through school and life?

The key to being confident in Maths is being able to recall the answers quickly and without thinking – “instant recall”. The key to “install recall” is memory.

    • Do you want an easier and faster way to learn the Times Tables?
    • Do you want your children to gain maths confidence for life at a young age?
    • Do you want to give your children a huge advantage at school?
    • Would you like your children to learn in a way that is fun and inspirational?

Welcome to the Kids Maths Tutor. EVERYONE has to learn the Times Tables ! The Times Tables are one of the basic building blocks of Maths.

Are your children struggling to learn the times tables? Are you trying to rote learn them or unable to find a better method?
If the memory champions tried to memorize in the way that our children try to learn the times tables, there would be no amazing memory records. Our brains are not designed to remember in this way.

So what do the memory champions do differently?

They all learn by linking images to locations. This is the basis of all successful memory systems.

“I think what you guys are doing is awesome.
So cool! Keep it going!”
Nelson Dellis, USA Memory Champion 2011-12
Memorized 303 numbers in 5 minutes, setting a new USA record
Raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s


The Instant Recall Method uses this principle to learn the Times Tables and does this in a very simple, easy, and fun way that achieves 100% Instant Recall.

Why is instant recall so important?

It is the key to confidence. If your child is continually struggling to work out the answers, taking lots of effort and time, it decreases confidence. The key to confidence is to know the answers instantly, without having to think about them.

Free Instant Recall Method and Free Maths Course


Learning times tables the traditional way at school for children is a slow, laborious process as they are learned in a linear way, often using boring rote learning and times tables worksheets.

If your children can learn the times tables in a different way, in a way that is far more attuned to how their brain works, they can achieve astounding results.

When the memory champion, Dominic O’Brien memorized 360, Yes 360 random numbers in only 5 minutes! He did this by linking visual images to locations/set places. The memory champions always maintain that these techniques can be learnt by anyone.

This is true because the techniques are so simple and straightforward to learn.

The Instant Recall Method is a memory system specifically designed for children to learn times tables and maths. It really is very easy and simple to use.

Lack of confidence in Maths is a huge problem. Very often, parents pass on their own lack of confidence to their children. This course is designed at every step and in every lesson to give children amazing confidence in Maths.

We all want the best for our children. Well, this is the very best, because our children can learn the Times Tables in such a way that they can achieve Instant Recall. They will grow in confidence and with a solid foundation they will excel in maths throughout their school years.

Free Instant Recall Method and Free Maths Course


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All this is designed to work in the same way your child thinks and learns, giving your children that extra confidence boost in Maths.

This Tutor is a whole system developed over many years, using the best techniques and teaching methods.
The Instant Recall Method gives you a practical method and produces fantastic results.

JOIN TODAY and see improvement the tutor makes to your children’s abilities in maths!

  • Makes learning tables quick, simple, easy and fun
  • Results in 100% Instant recall of Times Tables and Adding Tables
  • Boosts learning and improves performance in maths


After studying the best memory techniques during 20 years of teaching and tutoring, Tony Lazar set out to create a system to learn the multiplication tables quickly and easily. Tony has studied and tested the best learning methods in the classroom, and has refined this process into the Instant Recall Method. He then developed the Kids Maths Tutor with Mandip Sohal.

You really can boost your children’s ability to remember and learn the times tables by joining


The system created has been used to privately tutor many children for several years already. The results over the years have been amazing and children are able to achieve 100% Instant Recall very quickly. Just see the testimonials and feedback we have received.

Brilliant Idea!
The Maths sheets posted around the house convinced my son to learn his “times tables” and he’s only just 6 years old. The whole idea is brilliant, I’m amazed that it’s not been done before, it’s so simple and now he knows his 4x, 5x and 6x tables.
Clare Morrissey

Teachers, Parents and children who have used the method know that it works. We honestly want you to try it – if you don’t, you will never know how well it works for your children.
When you see superb results, please drop us a line to let us know and also tell others about this method – That’s all we ask!

“We very much look forward to helping you and your children.”

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