Simple and Effective

"My husband was totally amazed after watching me painstakingly trying to teach my daughter the traditional way, to see the transformation after an hour of viewing this website was fantastic.....this would have saved many torturous hours!"

Sarah Monks - mum of a 6 year old and 9 year old daughter


"I was amazed at how quickly my daughter learnt her 3x and 4x tables. She thinks of it as a game and loves playing it."

Anne V


It Really Works!!!

"This really works. I fully recommend this."

Maureen O’Connor


“My daughter loved the random testing so much I could not get her off the computer – she was enjoying herself so much”

Margaret Armstrong

Brilliant Idea!

“The Maths sheets posted around the house convinced my son to learn his “times tables” and he’s only just 6 years old. The whole idea is brilliant, I’m amazed that it’s not been done before, it’s so simple and now he knows his 4x, 5x and 6x tables.”

Clare Morrissey

Surprised and Very Pleased

“I was very surprised at the speed that the children progressed though the tables. They used the speed tests amongst themselves and raced against their friends. They think they’re great, thanks. I could never remember what 7×8 was and now even I know”

James M

No Longer a Problem

“It’s helped dramatically and makes my life easier when helping my children with their maths and other homework as the basic maths is no longer a problem, thanks”

John Foley

Love the Way of Remembering

“I thought my boys knew their tables, but they didn’t. I love this way of getting the children to actually remember the tables. And it seemed to happen with little effort. Just running around the house and calling them out the answers made them remember. If I say what’s on the front door, they remember that the answer to 9×7 and 7×9 is 63″


Easy to Learn

“All I did was to look at the sheets every day. After a while I just knew my tables”

Hannah, aged 8


Really Helped

“They really helped me progress in my tables”

Hardeep, aged 9

Cool Numbers!

The animal numbers are cool and I like colouring them in

Zara (age 9)

Loved it

“I loved beating the computer in the tests”

Jack (age 11)


“My daughter can’t wait for to show off her Times Tables sheets at her sleepover party next week. They are now all around the house and she’s going to get everyone running around and remembering them”


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