Memory and Maths

Memory is a very important part of the Kids Maths Tutor.

We have researched the best and most practical memory techniques you will find anywhere. The result is the Instant Recall Method which is a memory system designed for children to learn times tables and maths.

It really is very easy and simple to use. The inspiration for this method are the techniques used by memory experts and the memory champions.

Why is this so important?

Memory is the key to instant recall of the times tables or addition, division and subtraction. Instant recall of these answers is the key to your children being confident in maths and through out their lives.

These techniques have been used in creating a unique system. If you would like to find out more about these techniques have a look at the article below The secrets of the memory champions’.

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The Reason Why There is so Little Emphasis on Memory at School. Read the article below..

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