Memory and School

Some Reasons Why There is so Little Emphasis on Memory at School - A Teachers View

Memory is such a key part of this website so I would like to speak more about it. I remember years ago attending a course on improving your memory and learning how to memorise a list of items.

I was delighted that after only being able to remember a few I could remember 20 in a short period of time. I could not wait to get back to my class at school and teach them these techniques. I put the list up on the board, gave them a couple of minutes to remember them and waited for them to struggle. I was shocked when so many were able to remember much of the list. They were so much better than the adults on the course. It got me thinking, how could they do this?

Well, children are naturally good at remembering things. This is because every day they are learning and taking in new information. They are constantly practising. You become good at what you practise. Although this is great it also leads to a problem.

The problem is that as children remember so well there is very little emphasis on memory. NO help is provided. No one has taught them how to remember.

Children learn by repetition, rote learning, testing, doing and generally remembering what they can.

Children will, of course, learn in this way.

Another reason why there is probably little emphasis on memory at school is because memory is associated with ‘feats’ of memory such as memorizing packs of playing cards. The memory techniques are presented in such a way to show you how to achieve these outstanding results, however, there are almost no examples of how to use these techniques for children’s learning.

However, there are very simple easy to use fun memory techniques which will dramatically improve the speed of children’s learning and make it much more enjoyable at the same time.

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