• Method
  • Method

    We advocate and recommend the following method for learning, summed up by the phrase -

    "Learning Steps Know It Works"

    The Method is set out below in four steps:

    1) Whatever you are LEARNING

    2) Take the Action STEPS to learn

    3) Test by Asking do you KNOW IT?

    4) And, do what WORKS Remember the mnemonic 'Learning Steps Know It Works'

    Explanation of the 4 steps:

    1) Learning

    Here you will be learning Times Tables. We have made it as simple and enjoyable as possible. Your child will really want to learn the Times Tables.

    2) Action Steps

    We provide a simple, step-by-step approach, guiding you to on how to help your child use the gift of amazing memory.

    3) Do you know it?

    The essence of the 'do you know it' step is: No failure, only results. The testing process is about gaining feedback and learning fast (instead of criticising).

    4) Do what works

    This step is a practical approach, it looks at what works. Then you put it into practice, making it a habit. And always remember to 'make it fun, then you've won!'