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    Multiplication Tables
    Multiplication Tables


    Here you can find a solution to learning the multiplication tables.

    Do you believe that a multiplication table on the wall will help your child learn the multiplication tables?

    Yes it can help, but it can only do so much. What it will do is give you the overview of what is needed to learn.

    As your child learns the multiplication tables, a multiplication table will also enable you to mark off the ones that have been learnt and show the ones that can be re-tested.

    multiplication chart/grid is something to occasionally look at. Do not use it as a table to rote learn the multiplication tables. There is a much quicker and easier way to help your children learn the multiplication tables – the Instant Recall Method.

    If you are about to print a Multiplication Table……………


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    EVERY CHILD has to learn the Multiplication Tables!

    • Huge numbers of children struggle to learn the Multiplication Tables well
    • Most children find rote learning slow and boring
    • Many children can get the answers right, but take a long time
    • Many parents are looking for better ways to learn the Multiplication Tables, but cannot find a solution

    Multiplication Tables are a very important stage in children’s Maths education -

    • Children can lose confidence in Maths by getting the answers wrong
    • They can also gain great confidence by getting the answers right

    Take a look at the Free Instant Recall Method for the Multiplication Tables -