Omega 3 For Children – The Best Nutrition

What is one of the best things to give your child to help with their learning and health?

It is Omega 3.

Omega 3 can help your child with their concentration, learning, memory and clear thinking. It can also help with behavioural problems. There has been a tremendous increase in awareness in the last few years of the benefits of Omega 3, and also with regard to its importance for children’s health.

Unfortunately, the body cannot make these acids naturally, so they must be provided in the diet. Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in oily fish, including salmon, mackerel, herring, in flaxseed, almonds, sunflower seeds and some dark green leafy vegetables.

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Children don’t usually like the taste of oily fish, often don’t like swallowing capsules and don’t want to crunch seeds, so it can be quite difficult for parents to give their children the required intake of Omega 3 in their everyday diet. But don’t worry - it is possible to get flavoured, chewable capsules which your children will enjoy taking.

Omega 3 is great, not just for kids - it’s extremely beneficial for adults as well. It reduces the risk of heart disease, allergies, arthritis, eczema, depression, fatigue, infection and PMS, and may help lower the risk of cancer. Omega 3 is one of the two essential fatty acids, which play an especially crucial role in brain development and function, as well as being vital for normal growth and good health.

Sadly, due to modern food processing techniques, Western diets contain very little Omega 3 fatty acids, the lack of which alters and disrupts the functions and performance of the brain. Compounding this lack of essential fatty acids, the situation is made worse due to dietary deficiencies and lifestyle choices compromising the ability of the brain to perform optimally. We don’t eat enough ‘good’ fat - our diet does not contain enough oily fish, nuts, seeds or leafy, green vegetables; we try to keep our fat intake low by dieting; or we eat too much dairy produce and meat; additionally, most margarines don’t contain the right type of fat; stress, excessive sugar and alcohol consumption are increasingly common factors in modern life.

Many parents already take Omega 3 supplements themselves, which is wonderful. How many of them do not give it to their children because they are not aware of the benefits or do not think their children will swallow capsules. There are Omega 3 supplements which children will take easily. If you’re not already taking Omega 3, then try taking it. As you can see from the facts above, it will help you greatly.

In addition, you will also be setting a great example to your child. Give your children the best nutrition to help them fulfil their potential.

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