Omega 3 For Learning Difficulties And Behavioural Problems In Children

Omega 3 can have an extraordinarily dramatic and beneficial impact on children with learning difficulties or behavioural problems. What is widely overlooked by both parents and medical practioners is that better nutrition is a hugely significant factor in improving learning and behaviour. Omega 3 fats play a key role in brain development and function and, typically, it is deficient in diets of children with these problems.

Children taking Omega 3 supplements can significantly and dramatically improve their concentration, short-term memory, motivation, relaxation, reading and writing skills and clear thinking. This results in better class participation, academic results, social skills and improved confidence.

There is difficulty in studying these problems because governments and other bodies do not gather evidence or data of such children centrally. However, local research overwhelmingly supports the growing body of evidence that the rate of increase of these problems is large and getting bigger. For example, in the UK, it is estimated that between 20%-25% of all children are thought to have learning difficulties and/or behavioural problems. There has been a tremendous rise in recent years, the trend is accelerating, and astonishingly, the number of children being referred for treatment is doubling every five years.

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In Durham, North-East England, a trial of 100 primary school children given Omega 3 supplements for a six month period found that forty per cent showed clear improvement in academic problems.

In Adelaide, South Australia, a trial of 132 children with ADHD aged between 7 - 12 years old were given Omega fats over a 30 week period. Significant reductions in their symptoms were experienced by almost half the children.

These findings have been backed up by other trials and studies carried out all over the world, including New Zealand and Austria. There has even been a trial at a young offenders institute in England - which demonstrated amazing improvements in discipline and behaviour.

Medical science is awakening to the fact that what you eat and drink directly and enormously affects how you feel and think and, therefore, how you behave. Simply put, a diet containing the correct balance of nutrients, minerals and vitamins is critical for normal physical and mental development (also very important for parents).

The phrases ‘You are what you eat’ and ‘You think what you eat’ are wise, as your children are what you feed them. Give your child the best possible nutrition to enhance their abilities.

With the evidence that is in place at the present time,and the dramatic results that have been measured, it gives a parent the opportunity to do something to greatly improve their child’s academic results and behaviour.It also shows that temperament and ability are not the only factors which affect learning - there are others involved as well.

If taking a simple, pleasant tasting, easy to chew supplement can give a child the opportunity for their brain to function efficiently and enable the child to reach their potential, we owe it as parents to give it a try because it may just be this one little change that transforms their education and/or behaviour.Try it for a period of several months and examine the results - personal experience provides the best evidence. Every child is different, but this could very well be the difference-maker.

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