The Memory Champions and Maths

Using Techniques of The Memory Champions to Learn Maths

Dominic O’Brien is an eight times winner of the World Memory Championships and has brought the subject of memory to the forefront of the media. He is in the Guinness Book of Records for memorizing 54 packs of playing cards and for memorizing a pack of cards in 38.29 seconds.

Everyone will agree that these are amazing facts, but what is the relevance of these great Memory feats for learning times tables? Read on and you will know the secret to learning times tables that make them very, very easy to remember.

To become World Champion Dominic had to memorize lots of numbers and to do this he had to find a method that would enable him to remember. His view on numbers is one which is very interesting.

Dominic says that the problem with numbers is that they are cold and unfeeling. People find them awkward and difficult to remember and this view held by adults if shared by children will make times tables more difficult to for them to learn.

Numbers are not as easy to group together as words are and this makes memorizing more difficult. To find out more about how to use memory techniques to learn times tables.

Dominic realized it would be much easier to memorize the numbers if an emotion, image or person became attached to them and it is this that is the key to remembering numbers.

The lesson learned is that in order to remember the times tables easily your children need to turn the numbers into an image or a person.

Dominic turns numbers into various people which makes them come alive, and be interesting and memorable. By doing this he also memorized 360 random numbers in only 5 minutes. Dominic and other memory champions who have set the memory records are not geniuses or ‘savants’ and their amazing memory records were achieved by using very simple techniques which your children can easily use to learn the times tables.

Children in the past have always learned the times tables by rote, a boring method of learning making it difficult to instantly recall the answers to the times tables.

Very few brilliant memory records would have been achieved if the World Champions had used the rote learning method to remember. You won’t be surprised to hear that they use very different techniques that make it easy to remember numbers and times tables.

Can you imagine the advantage that children using the methods used by Dominic and other memory champions would have if they too knew how to apply the techniques. These children would be able to immediately and easily remember the times tables answers.

Their confidence would increase so much if they were able to apply a quick method for remembering their times tables. You can if you wish help your children do just this.

You have now learn't the first secret in learning times tables from the Memory Champions.

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