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    Times Tables Worksheets
    Times Tables Worksheets

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    Are times tables worksheets helpful?

    We want to help our children with their times tables so we go onto the computer and find some times tables worksheets.

    They now have some work to do and we feel better that they are working and learning.

    Are times tables worksheets the best or even an efficient way of learning the tables?

    Well, doing something is better than doing nothing. Taking some action is helping your child learn their tables in some way.

    So now you may be thinking ‘Good, so I am doing the right thing and I am helping my child improve their maths education regarding times tables’.

    If only it was so simple. What if your child is learning their times tables but it is putting them off maths. Filling out times tables worksheets is not exactly fun.

    So what do I mean by this. This is a very slow way of learning. Writing out times tables worksheets is slow,as children write slowly.

    As a result, they learn slowly but more importantly they are not learning to think quickly and get the tables correct instantly.

    A child needs a method to know the answer instantly. Can you imagine if you asked your child’s name and it took as long to receive the answer as your child could write their name.

    This would be silly and impractical.

    Your child needs to think quickly. Speaking is much faster than writing. It is also much easier. If it is easier it will also be more fun, more enjoyable.

    The strategy your child needs is one that involves speaking not writing. The kids maths tutor strongly believe in the motto ‘speak to learn’ when it comes to testing.

    So to return to times tables worksheets. Times tables worksheets are helpful. However, it is the way that they are being used which is unhelpful.

    Worksheets suggests work.Writing,especially at home is work. What your child needs is speaking not writing when doing times tables worksheets.

    How many parents have considered using times tables worksheets only for learning and testing rather than for sitting and writing.

    Times tables worksheets are for testing not learning. However, they are used wrongly as a tool for learning. Writing the answers is often boring and can put your child off maths.

    Your child needs a method that involves speaking to learn their times tables in a fast and fun way instead.


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