To Tutor Or Not To Tutor Maths

A recent national newspaper report (The Tutor Trap) talks about there being an epidemic of tutoring in London, which seems to spreading. The main points contained in this report are:

  1. It is estimated that half of all London children have received some form of private lessons.
  2. There is a big Increase at primary school level.
  3. More than ever parents are joining the so called ‘anxious classes’, those who have a real fear for their children’s education. The solution is usually more private lessons and tuition.

What can we draw from this? If this is happening to this scale in London, it is likely to be representative of other cities in the UK and in other countries.

You may well ask, so what? What is the significance of this?

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If parents have to spend hundreds or even thousands in helping their children, it is because there is a perception that children are struglling with maths and maybe need more help.

I can certainly empathize with this, as after leaving full time teaching, I also tutored many children. I put an ad in the local paper for primary teaching and received an avalanche of enquiries. In fact this advert would have been sufficient to keep me employed full time. It demonstrated very strongly that there were a very large number of parents of the ‘anxious classes’ looking for tutors for their children.

I also found that the three main reasons for children being tutored were –

  1. To improve confidence. However, so many of these children were good at maths it was surprising that they needed such confidence boosting.
  2. They were struggling with different methods of learning maths.
  3. They did not know answers to basic number work – Times Tables and simple additions.

This was a real eye opener and clearly shows that children don’t really learn their number work for instant recall.

From this experience and what I learned, I can say that there is no need to spend thousands, if you as a parent are prepared to spend some time with your children. It does not have to be a lot of time – I advocate the “little and often” approach – a few minutes a day is sufficient. This suits both children as they cannot focus for long periods of time, and you as a busy parent with a limited amount of time.

The solution to this is really simple and obvious. If children learn the basic number work well early on, they will gain confidence. The time spent at school will be so much more productive and they will excel at maths.

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