Up to 6 Year Old Maths

Very young children learn by doing and experiencing. The first thing a child learns in maths is counting. It is important to teach your child in a way which is suited to the way children learn. They learn through experience.

Make it part of your child’s life. Make it enjoyable.

Count everything.
One nose.
One, two eyes.
One, two, three, four, five fingers.
Count toys, books, food, steps your child takes walking.

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All these things are important parts of your child’s life.

Later teach the numbers

The numbers are just symbols which represent something. When your child understands that 4 toys, 4 steps, 4 books is 4 of something your child will understand the number 4.

Remember – make it enjoyable.  Be enthusiastic especially through your tone of voice and facial expressions. Act as if it is fun.
If you link pleasure to numbers you will be laying the foundation for enjoying maths.

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