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  • Build a strong maths foundation through learning the essential building blocks of maths for 6-11 year olds
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folder-icon   Worksheet based Lessons
Progressive learning – lessons are set around worksheets. Completing these printable worksheets is a very important part of progressive learning in maths.
 system-analytics-icon   Online worksheets and tests
Simple choice based online testing process - marked instantly. Helps develop mental maths skills. Your child will do these worksheets in the blink of an eye - no more motivation problems!
 movie-icon   Step by step, easy video explanations
The best explanations at your fingertips created by an experienced teacher and tutor - no more homework problems and maths confusion!
    Free Year 2 Lessons
Numbers to 100
Writing Numbers to 100
Odd and Even Numbers
Counting Pattern Game
 myspace-2-icon   Unique maths memory method
Based on the techniques used by the memory champions ... your child will learn the Times Tables and the Number Bonds in a simple, easy, and fun way that achieves instant recall of maths facts.


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