pic3To raise number work and maths standards for children and their parents in the following areas
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Maths CourseSweet school girl sitting in classroom, looking behindWe have designed a unique course using memory techniques to learn the Times Tables and Maths
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Memorymemory-laneThere are excellent memory techniques which can be used to improve Children’s maths
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The annual cost to the public purse of children failing to master basic numeracy skills in primary schools is £2.4Bn – click here
Research PapersBest learning strategiesWe are developing further course material based on a growing body of research papers
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Maths AnxietySchoolboy Struggling with Math Problems“A feeling of tension, apprehension, or fear that interferes with math performance” Mark H. Ashcraft, Ph.D. – click here

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The Kids Maths Tutor is part of The Learning Tutor charity.
The aim of the charity is “to advance the education of children in the subject of Maths through visual, memory, whole brain and confidence activities” through online based resources that can be accessed by parents and schools for children.